Rat-in-a-Hat uses his pinwheel each morning to determine the weather for the day. One morning, he spins the wheel and the wheel tells him that the weather is going to be sunny. The Bananas walk by and Rat relays this news to them, which comes as a surprise as the sky seems cold and cloudy. The Bananas decide to go to the beach. On the beach, the Bananas notice how cold the weather is. Suddenly, it starts raining, causing the Bananas to flee the beach.

The next day, which is very sunny, Rat's weather wheel says that it is going to rain. He tells the Teddies (minus Morgan), who were planning a picnic on the beach. They wear their rain coats and boots and bring their umbrellas, which are very hot and uncomfortable. The Teddies realise that the wheel was wrong.

The next morning, the Bananas and Teddies all gather at Rat's shop. They realise that using the weather wheel is as accurate as guessing the weather, although Rat seems to believe the wheel is correct. They decide to play a trick on Rat. The Bananas cover the wheel in pictures of snowy weather, which sends Rat into a worried state when he spins the wheel.

Rat goes to the beach in a snowsuit and skis. The Bananas and Teddies point out Rat's wheel is no better than guessing the weather. Rat realises that they are right and they all start playing on the beach.
Bananas in Pyjamas - Weather Rat

Bananas in Pyjamas - Weather Rat

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