Tuesday Disguise is The Second Episode Of Season 4 Of Bananas in Pyjamas .


The Teddies are playing dress up one Monday. Morgan gets an idea on how to avoid getting chased by the Bananas the next day. Morgan, Lulu, and Amy decide to dress up so they wouldn't be chased by B1 and B2.

The next day, the Bananas check their calendar and see that it is Tuesday. They go to the Teddies' house to chase the Teddies but are unable to find them. The bananas then see a plumber (Lulu), who suggests they try the park. At the park, they find a mother (Morgan) who tells them to try the beach. They find a fisherman (Amy) who pretends to be hard of hearing. The "fisherman" denies seeing the Teddies.

The Bananas return home, unable to understand why they couldn't find the Teddies. They suddenly realise how they were tricked. At the end of the episode, the teddies put back their clothes into the chest but suddenly hear "Special Delivery" and Morgan opens the door to find out that it is really the bananas who have finally caught the t
Bananas in Pyjamas - Tuesday Disguise

Bananas in Pyjamas - Tuesday Disguise



B1:Uh, I wonder what day it is today B2?

B1&B2: Hm uh, the calendar!

B1: Oooooh B2 it's Tuesday!

B2: Ugh (boing) are you thinking what I'm thinking B1?

B1: I think I am B2

B1&B2: Its teddy chasing time!

B2: lets go!

Narrator: The bananas raced over to the teddies house

B2: B1, we have to be very quiet

B1: Oh very very quiet B2, if we're gonna catch those teddies unawares...

Morgan: we did it! we did it!

Lulu: A whole Tuesday...

Amy: without being chased by the bananas!

Teddies: YAY

*Knock knock knock*

Teddies: who is it?

B2 (disguised voice): special delivery for the teddies

Lulu: a special delivery?

Morgan: for us!

Lulu and Amy: a surprise? I wonder what it could be...

*Bananas burst through the door

Morgan: look out its the bananas!!!


Narrator: so the teddies were chased by the bananas after all...

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