Bananas in Pyjamas Chasing Teddies on Tuesday

Bananas in Pyjamas Chasing Teddies on Tuesday

Tuesday is the most important day of the week in Cuddles Avenue. For the Bananas Tuesday is a great day but for the Teddies its a terrifying and tiring experience. Tuesday is the day the Bananas get to play their favorite game CHASING TEDDIES!

B1 and B2 love to chase their teddy bear friends Amy, Lulu and Morgan but the teddies hate when its Chasing Tuesday. In multiple episodes the teddies attempt to get rid of Tuesdays, they try replacing the Bananas calendar with one without Tuesdays on it and attempt to trick the bananas by dressing in disguises. Both these plans backfire and the teddies get chased by the bananas after all.

It is never stated why the bananas chase teddies on Tuesday or what their intentions are after they catch them. In the episode Chasing Tuesdays Lulu is caught by B1 and B2 in Rat in the Hats shop, the bananas hold onto her until she tricks them into letting her go. At the end of the episode the teddies are finally trapped and caught by the bananas but the camera fades to black before it can be seen what they do once they catch them. It is speculated that the bananas are chasing the teddy bears so that they can cuddle them, which is a main function of a teddy bear but while these bears are sentient it is understandable they don't like being cuddled and will try to run away. This could also be where the cul-de-sac Cuddles Avenue gets its name from.

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