B1 and B2 have a package to deliver to the teddies, only problem is the fact that they cannot fit it inside the house due to size.


Somebody rings the bell at the Bananas house one day. The Bananas open the door to find a huge box outside their house. After thinking about it for a while, they realise that it is a present that they ordered for the Teddies. They proceed to push the box to the Teddies' house. However, no one is home at the time, so the Bananas decide to leave the parcel inside. However, the box is too big to fit through the door, despite their best efforts to push it in.

Amy arrives home holding a skipping rope. She suggest pulling the box in with her rope instead. Meanwhile, the Bananas keep pushing from the outside. The box still won't go in. Lulu arrives next and measures the box. Realising that the door is too small, Lulu suggests cutting a hole in the door frame. She gets a saw to do so.

Before she can do so, Morgan gets back home and opens the parcel, revealing the scooter that the bananas bought the Teddies. He is easily able to fit it through the door. He later turns the box into a tunnel for them to ride the scooter through.
Bananas in Pyjamas The Parcel (1992)

Bananas in Pyjamas The Parcel (1992)

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