Bananas In Pyjamas Stone Soup (1992)

Bananas In Pyjamas Stone Soup (1992)

Stone Soup is an episode of Bananas in Pyjamas that aired on 23rd September 1992


Rat is walking through the park with his groceries one day when he trips, smashing all his eggs on the ground. Rat starts cursing his luck as he now has nothing to eat for dinner. Morgan walks by, having just finished digging up stones from his flower bed. Rat gets a very sneaky idea at the sight of this.

Rat comments on how tasty Morgan's stones look. Morgan finds this statement very funny, but Rat tells Morgan that if he could let Rat have a few stones, he can show Morgan how to make a very fine stone soup. Intrigued, Morgan agrees.

At the Teddies' house, Rat tells Morgan that all he needs to make stone soup is boiling water and 2 large stones. Rat says it tastes very nice, but tells Morgan that the soup would taste better with Carrots. Morgan retrieves some carrots from his garden. Rat also suggests adding onions. Morgan dashes to get some, nearly knocking into the Bananas. Rat says a final ingredient is needed and Morgan suggests tomatoes. He runs off to get some.

Morgan runs past the Bananas again, who ask him why he is in such a hurry. Morgan replies that Rat is teaching him how to make stone soup, which the Bananas insist is impossible. Morgan says that Rat can and runs off. The Bananas decide to go and see what is happening.

The Bananas arrive just as Rat has finished cooking and is tasting the soup. They comment that something smells delicious and Morgan tells them that they are just in time to taste the soup. Having eaten a lot, Rat makes his excuses and runs off. Meanwhile, the Bananas taste the soup and say it tastes like vegetable soup, although Morgan insists it is stone soup. The Bananas ask him how it was made and Morgan eventually realises that he was tricked. The Bananas point out that at least Rat has done all the cooking of a big pot of vegetable soup. Cheered by this thought, Morgan invites the Bananas to join him for dinner.


  • Amy and Lulu do not appear in this episode, despite being credited.
  • This episode is based off an old folk story of a group of hungry travelers entering a town. Nobody wishes to give them any food until they employ the stone soup tactic.
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