Bananas in Pyjamas Something Fishy (1992)

Bananas in Pyjamas Something Fishy (1992)

Something Fishy is the 37th episode of Season 1 of Bananas in Pyjamas


Amy and Morgan are playing "Snap" one morning when Lulu walks in with a new fishing rod and nearly hooks Morgan with it. Morgan tells her to be more careful but she replies that she needs to practise as she is going fishing later. Amy points out that Lulu doesn't even know how to fish but Lulu thinks it will be easy

By the end of the day, however, Lulu has not caught a single fish. She realises that she told everyone that she was going fishing and therefore cannot go home with an empty basket. The Bananas, however, have caught a lot of fish from their fishing spot. B1 teaches Lulu the proper way to cast her line. Lulu tries out the technique.

While Lulu is practising, the Bananas suddenly get an idea on how to play a trick on Lulu. When Lulu casts her line, they slip a fish from their basket onto her fishing line. She gets excited and tries again, prompting the bananas to slip on another bigger fish. Morgan comes along and Lulu shows off her technique again. The bananas prepare another fish for Lulu.

Unfortunately, B1 is in such a rush that he somehow gets his pyjamas stuck to Lulu's hook. Thinking they have caught a huge fish, Lulu and Morgan pull B1's pyjamas towards them. Screaming that Lulu has caught his pyjamas, B1 is dragged out. The Teddies realise the trick as B2 comes out to check on B1.

Exposed, the Bananas apologise to Lulu. Morgan points out that there was something fishy about Lulu catching fish when she wasn't even using any bait. Lulu gives the fish back to the Bananas, who in turn give her some worms for bait and tell her about their fishing spot. Lulu manages to catch quite a big fish and brings it home for dinner.

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