Bananas in Pyjamas Show Business (1992)

Bananas in Pyjamas Show Business (1992)

Show Business is the twenty-ninth episode of Series 1 of Bananas in Pyjamas aired on 27th August 1992.


The Teddies are visiting the Bananas one evening to perform a show for the Bananas. They set up an archway with a curtain to act as their stage. Lulu discovers that they are both sick. She tells them that they need something to cheer them up and to watch the show that they have prepared for the Bananas. The Bananas agree to watch, hoping that the show will be funny. Lulu responds that there is plenty of dancing, much to the Bananas evident chagrin.

As the show begins, Morgan tries to pull the curtains of their "stage" apart. However, the curtains get stuck, causing Amy a great deal of frustration. He manages to pull the curtains apart, and Amy steps out. Unfortunately, the curtains immediately close rather forcefully on Amy, to the great amusement of the Bananas.

Frustrated, Amy forces her way through the curtain. She begins the opening speech to the Bananas. However, she forgets her lines, which the Bananas start laughing at. Lulu has to tell Amy what to say. Amy proceeds to introduce herself and Morgan but forgets how to introduce Lulu, who has to remind her. The performances then begin.

Morgan steps out to do a juggling act but drops his balls. The Teddies then all step forward to sing "Three Blind Mice", but Amy slips on one of Morgan's balls. She starts to play the song on her trombone, but eventually goes too fast, causing the song to fail miserably. She subsequently manages to hit Morgan in the face with the Trombone causing him to knock into the pillars of their "stage". By now, the Bananas are in stitches.

Finally, Lulu comes out and performs a dance. She nearly kicks the Bananas in the face before turning back and kicking one of the pillars of the arch, causing it to fall apart. Lulu is in tears until Morgan points out that they succeeded in cheering up the Bananas due to how funny the performance was. They all agree that it was a success despite all the accidents.

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