Bananas in Pyjamas Salon Rat (1994)

Bananas in Pyjamas Salon Rat (1994)

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Rat opens up a new hairdressing business. The Bananas drop by his shop and he offers to give them haircuts. The Bananas are very excited about this as they have never had haircuts before. However, once Rat has the Bananas in position to cut their hair, he realises that they don't have any. He offers to trim their stalks, which they decline.

Rat decides to play a trick on the Bananas and offers them some Hair Grow. The Bananas agree to try it. Rat covers the Bananas' eyes, then proceeds to put wigs on their head. The Bananas believe that they now have hair.

Happy with their new hair, the Bananas walk through the park and run into Morgan and Lulu. Wanting to take a closer look, the Teddies accidentally tug the "hair" off the Bananas' heads, exposing them as wigs. They realize that they have been tricked and decide to get back at Rat.

The Bananas proceed to do exactly what Rat did to them, except that they put some flowers on his head instead of hair. Rat thinks that he has turned into a flower pot. The Bananas reveal their trick. Rat apologises to the Bananas and says that he thought they might enjoy their new looks, even if it was just for a while. The Bananas agree that they did.


Amy is credited at the end of the episode despite not being in it.

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