Rat Wash is the 13th Episode of Season 3 of Bananas in Pyjamas


The Bananas an Lulu are shopping at Rat's shop one morning. They all place their orders for their various groceries before asking for washing powder as the next day is their laundry day. The Bananas and Lulu all agree that wash day is a real chore but it has to be done or they will have nothing clean to wear. Rat gets an idea to make more money and decides to open up a new laundry service at his shop and invites them to bring all of their laundry back to the shop for him to wash, which they agree to do.

Rat is feeling very smart until he sees just how much laundry they bring back. In addition to her usual laundry, Lulu has brought in her tutu. Meanwhile the bananas have brought in a huge basket of their dirty pyjamas. They all tell Rat that they will be back for their laundry first thing in the morning. Realising that it would take too long to finish washing the clothes, Rat hooks up his washing machine to his bike.

The next day, Rat has all the laundry wrapped up in paper. Lulu asks for her laundry and Rat gives her a tiny package. Lulu is surprised that all of her laundry could fit into one tiny package. Meanwhile, the Bananas receive their own packages and ask how much they owe Rat. Rat hastily tells them that he is not charging them as it is their first time. As the trio leave the shop, the Bananas feel that something is very strange about the situation.

Lulu gets back home and discovers that her tutu has shrunk to a ridiculous size. As she is staring in horror at her precious tutu, she receives visitors in the form of the Bananas whose laundry was also damaged- the stripes on B1's pyjamas have turned pink and purple. Meanwhile, B2's pyjamas are covered in pink spots. Furious, they demand replacements. Rat spends the rest of the day making a new tutu for Lulu and new pyjamas for the Bananas.
Bananas in Pyjamas Rat Wash (1994)

Bananas in Pyjamas Rat Wash (1994)

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