Rat Suits is an episode that aired in October 25, 1996.


Rat is selling new suits at his shop and tries to convince the bananas to buy some. He tells them that if they were to get the suits, they wouldn't have to wear their pyjamas all the time. The Bananas are initially reluctant, immediately telling Rat that they like wearing pyjamas because pyjamas are very comfortable. However, Rat tells them that they will look chic in the suits. B1 realizes that they have never looked chic before. The bananas agree to try the suits.

Unfortunately, Rat loses the measurements for the suits and guesses them when making the suits. The Bananas are reasonably happy when they collect the suits as the suits are chic.They invite the Teddies and Rat over to their house to show off the suits. However, as a result of Rat's guesswork, the suits do not fit the bananas well.

Morgan realizes that the suits fit the Teddies just fine and the Bananas happily give them to the Teddies, who parade the clothes for the whole of Cuddles Avenue to see. The Teddies are initially worried about the fact that the Bananas still don't have any new or chic clothes. However, the bananas do not mind still wearing their pyjamas, saying that their own pyjamas are their favourite clothes anyway.

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Bananas in Pyjamas - Rat Suits

Bananas in Pyjamas - Rat Suits


  • This episode has the Bananas outright admit that their reason for always wearing pyjamas is that they like wearing pyjamas, which are very comfortable. While other episodes may imply this, it was never outright stated before.
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