Rat Post is the 19th Episode of Season 3 of Bananas in Pyjamas.


Rat-in-a-Hat opens up a new service outside his shop called Rat Post. Everyone is very happy until B2 realises he doesn't know what that means. Rat explains that one can drop a letter off in the box outside his shop and Rat will deliver them to any location in Cuddles Avenue.

The Bananas get very excited and send the postcard to the Teddies the next day. In return, the Teddies send another letter to the Bananas, which they drop off at the post box. Rat has to sort through a lot of mail, mostly for the Bananas from the Teddies, and brings it to their house. The Bananas decide to reply again.

As time goes on, Rat realises that running Rat Post is a lot of work. He shows up at the Teddies with more letters and looking very tired causing Lulu to feel sorry for him. Afterwards, he returns to his shop where the Bananas are dropping off even more letters. They tell him that everyone loves Rat Post and he should be very happy. Rat complains that he's the only one who never gets any mail but has to do a lot of work anyway. Realising Rat has been working too hard, the Bananas decide to cheer him up.

Later that day, when Rat is sorting through the mail, he discovers a letter for him inviting him to the beach. The rest of Cuddles Avenue have thrown him a surprise party and holiday on the beach to thank him for Rat post

Bananas in Pyjamas Rat Post (1994)

Bananas in Pyjamas Rat Post (1994)

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