One morning, Rat enters his shop and is dismayed to see how dirty it is. Just as he is lamenting the fact that he will have to clean it all up, the Bananas arrive and also comment on how dirty the shop is. Rat comes up with a trick to get his shop clean, He tells the Bananas that he wants to invent a cleaning machine and gets the bananas to demonstrate how it would work. He gets B2 to sweep the floor the way the machine would. B1 gets tricked into polishing the counter of the shop. While the Bananas are cleaning the shop, Rat goes to relax outside.

As they leave the shop, the Bananas run into Amy who is trying to get a new broom. The Bananas suggest Amy get hold of the cleaning machine from the shop, saying how clean Rat's shop was. Amy is excited until the Bananas reveal that the machine has not actually been built yet. They realize they have been tricked and decide to pay Rat back.

That evening, Rat gets invited to the Teddies' house. As he gets invited in, Amy and the Bananas get Rat to act out the machine. Rat knows he has been tricked, but cleans the house anyway.
Bananas in Pyjamas - Rat Clean

Bananas in Pyjamas - Rat Clean

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