Bananas in Pyjamas- Quick Grow (1992)

Bananas in Pyjamas- Quick Grow (1992)

Quick Grow is the fourteenth episode of Series 1 of Bananas in Pyjamas aired on 6th August 1992.


Lulu is taking care of a sunflower in the park. However, she feels that the flower is growing too slowly. She wishes that she can do something to make it grow faster. The Bananas happen to overhear Lulu. They decide to play a trick on Lulu by putting a box of quick grow next to the flower when Lulu isn't around. When Lulu returns, she tries it out.

Meanwhile, Morgan is also taking care of 2 flowers behind the Teddies' house. These 2 are growing very well. The Bananas grab both flowers and take them to the park, leaving behind Lulu's small flower in the Teddies' backyard. They put the shorter of Morgan's flowers in the place of Lulu's.

Lulu returns and discovers how big "her flower" is. She adds even more quick grow and walks away again. The Bananas switch the flower for Morgan's bigger flower. Lulu returns and finds an even bigger flower. While aware that too much fertilizer is bad for plants, she adds just a bit more. The Bananas take the flowers back to the Teddies' house.

Morgan is not happy to discover his flowers are gone. He acts like he is going inside but keeps watch and catches the bananas sneaking the flowers back. They tell him that they were tricking Lulu. The 3 of them watch as Lulu looks at her original flower. Upset at the size of her flower, Lulu tosses the quick grow away, hitting one of the Bananas.

The Bananas and Morgan admit to their trick. Annoyed, Lulu starts chasing the Bananas around the park while Morgan just laughs.

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