The Bananas are over at the Teddies' house for a pyjama party. As the night goes on, they become sleepy while the Teddies are still dancing. They decide that they would like to go to bed, which surprises the Teddies. The Teddies declare that they plan to stay up all night, which the Bananas somewhat reluctantly agree to. However, after having some snacks, the Bananas feel even more sleepy.

The Teddies then propose a game of "Sardines", where Amy will hide and whoever finds her will have to squeeze next to her like a tin of sardines. Amy hides behind the couch and the game begins. Lulu finds Amy fast asleep behind the couch and squashes next to her. B2 later finds both of them asleep behind the couch and squeezes in. B1 finds the three of them sleeping and joins them. Morgan searches everywhere but is unable to find any of the others. In frustration, he declares that he will have his own party. He goes up to his own room, but by the time he gets up there, he is feeling very sleepy.

The next morning, the Bananas and the female Teddies awaken and find Morgan asleep in his bed. They wake him up and they all have breakfast together.
Bananas in Pyjamas Pyjama Party (1994)

Bananas in Pyjamas Pyjama Party (1994)

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