Prickles stuck to B1's Pyjama Bottoms

The Pricklebush is an obstacle seen in a few episodes. As its name suggests, it is a bush full of prickles (which the bananas consistently forget about). The prickles get stuck to anybody that comes into contact with them and seem to be quite painful, as seen by the bananas' screams of pain when they get pricked.

In Bananas Without Pyjamas, when B1 and B2 are about to get their pyjamas, they just go through it and get pricked right away. The prickles all end up stuck to the bananas. In Rock-a-bye Bananas, B1 is lying on a hammock right over a Pricklebush and gets pricked, with 3 prickles getting stuck to his pyjama bottoms. B2 ends up having to remove them from B1's pyjamas.

Image pricklebush

Episodes Featuring the Pricklebush

  • Bananas Without Pyjamas
  • Rock-a-bye Bananas
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