Pink Mug is the First episode of Bananas in Pyjamas. This marks the debut of all the
main characters except for Rat in a Hat 


The pink mug is Morgan's favourite but it is also Amy's favourite mug... When the mug gets broken the "Fix It" Bananas step in.



Amy:(Gasps), I Can't Let Morgan See The Mug

(Amy Later Accidentally Sat On The Mug And Got Hurt)

Morgan:Amy! It's Nearly Lunchtime!

Amy: Yes, I'm Coming

Morgan: And Don't Forget The Pink Mug, Amy! (Laughing).

Amy:What Am I Going To Say!

(Amy Runs Away and The Bananas Make An Appearance And Hums)

B2: Uh, Ooh, Look at That Someone Could cut Off Their Feet On That, B1!

B1: And it Was Just a Nice Pink Mug B2.

B2:Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking, B1?

B1:I Am, B2

Both: It's Fixing Time!

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1x01 Pink Mug jc2006

1x01 Pink Mug jc2006

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