Bananas in Pyjamas Musical Stairs (1992)

Bananas in Pyjamas Musical Stairs (1992)

Musical Stairs
is the thirty-first episode of Series 1 of Bananas in Pyjamas aired on 31st August 1992.


One morning when the bananas are coming down the stairs, they notice that one of their stairs is squeaking. B2 tries to feel it with his hand just as B1 hits it with a hammer, causing B2 to groan in pain. However, the step is no longer squeaking. They move on to the next step and hear yet another squeak. B1 hits this step with a hammer but also hits B2's foot in the process. B2 realizes that all the stairs are squeaky and that they can make music by walking up and down the stairs.

Meanwhile, Morgan and Amy are fixing leaky pipes at their house and catching the leaked water in jars.Morgan realises that hitting each jar produces a different sound.Meanwhile, Amy discovers she can make music while blowing into a pipe, which she teaches Lulu to do. Excited at their new ability to make music, they go to the Bananas house to show them. The Bananas also show off their musical stairs. They try and discover that they can all make music together.


  • This episodes is one of a series of 5 episodes in which the Bananas and Teddies make a music video.

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