Morgan, Lulu, and Amy are teddy bear siblings who are B1 and B2's next-door neighbors. While the Bananas are in charge of the Beach, the Teddies take care of the park They have their own occasions and activities, especially they can spend lots of time with the bananas. According to the theme song and many others, the bananas chase and catch them.


The original series

They made costumed appearances from Pink Mug (the first live-action episode) up to 2-Wheeler Bananas.

  • Morgan appeared as an orange bear with a green and purple shirt with an M in the middle and M's on his sleeves. Being the only male Teddy, Morgan tends to have slightly more masculine hobbies such as playing with trucks and building a rocket.
  • Lulu appeared as a dark brown bear with a pink dress with green diamonds and a green skirt. She is the most "girlish" of the group, engaging in activities such as dancing in her tutu. Of the 3 teddies, she also seems to have a very dominant personality, and sometimes uses this aspect of her personality to get others to do what she wants them to. Examples of this include convincing the Bananas to take dancing lessons from her and forcing Rat to clean up the Bananas' house in Housesitter.
  • Amy appeared as a beige bear with a blue shirt with a pink flower and pink detail and and colored spotted skirt and she is Morgan and Lulu's younger sister. Topsy The Kangaroo

The animated series

All the teddies appear with eyebrows in the animated series.

  • Morgan appears as a light brown bear with a cool hairstyle and wearing a red shirt with a collar and black buttons, black shorts, and red sneakers.
  • Lulu appears a brown bear with eyelashes and wearing a white bow on her head, a pink dress, and pink shoes.
Bananas-style-guide-teddies gallerylarge

Morgan (front), Lulu, and Amy as seen in the animated series.

  • Amy appears as a beige bear with eyelashes, a curly hairstyle and wearing two pink bows on her head, a cyan dress with a white collar and white detail, cyan socks, and black shoes.



Morgan: Jeremy Scrivener (1992-2001) Troy Planet (2011-2013) Sophie Aldred (Milkshake)

Amy : Sandie Lillingston (1992) , Mary Ann Henshaw (1992-2001) ,Isabelle Dunwell (2011-2013) , Anjella Mackintosh (Milkshake)

Lulu: Taylor Owynns (1992-2001), Monica Trapaga (The Album), Sandie Lillingston (Bumping And A Jumping) Ines Vaz De Sousa (2011-2013), Jen Pringle (Milkshake)

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