The Bananas are walking on the beach when they discover something green lying on the sand. They wonder if it's a sea monster and panic. However, they realize that it's very still, wondering if it is asleep. They sneak up on it and B2 realizes it's just a pile of seaweed. They fool around with it until they suddenly come up with an idea for a trick. They cover themselves in seaweed.

Morgan walks by and the Bananas suddenly spring up and scare Morgan away. Morgan runs into his house and knocks into Lulu who is dancing. Lulu doesn't believe Morgan and goes out to see what the "Monster" was. They walk up to the seaweed and the Bananas spring up, scaring both Teddies away.

The 2 Teddies run into Amy and start describing what they saw (in a highly exaggerated way). Amy decides to take a photo to show everyone as nobody else would believe them otherwise. The Bananas spring up to scare Amy just as she takes the photo with the flash, blinding the Bananas. The Bananas cry out in pain, tipping off the Teddies that it was a trick. Lulu and Morgan deny being scared and they spend the day playing with the seaweed.
Bananas in Pyjamas Monster Bananas (1992)

Bananas in Pyjamas Monster Bananas (1992)

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