It's Raining is the twentieth episode of Series 1 of Bananas in Pyjamas aired on 14th August 1992.

Bananas in Pyjamas- It's Raining (1992)

Bananas in Pyjamas- It's Raining (1992)

As it's a rainy day, Lulu and Amy are enjoying a jigsaw puzzle while Morgan is feeling bored; he decided he wants to go out for some munchie honey cakes. Amy and Lulu get excited, but he needs his umbrella, which he is sure he left at the Bananas' house. As Lulu calls the Bananas, Amy finds Morgan a raincoat and gumboots, although he still refuses to go out without the umbrella.

Meanwhile at the Bananas' house, the bananas have found Morgans umbrella and are taking it to the Teddies'. As they don't want to get wet, they try wearing gumboots. However, their gumboots are too small and they decide to put their umbrellas up instead. Unfortunately, they do this inside and get stuck in the doorway. When they finally get outside and put their umbrellas up, they realise their feet are wet- they forgot to put on their shoes. The rain then stops and the Bananas head over to the Teddies' house.

When the Bananas reach the Teddies' house, they return Morgan's umbrella. Realising that the rain has stopped, Amy and Lulu ask Morgan to buy the food. However, Morgan points out how late it is and how the shop will be closed. The Teddies lament how hungry they are. However, the Bananas point out that they have food at their house and invite the Teddies over.

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