Bananas in Pyjamas House Sitter (1992)

Bananas in Pyjamas House Sitter (1992)

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The Bananas are going away on a holiday. They are standing at the bus stop outside Rat's shop when Rat walks by. He asks the Bananas if they really have prepared everything for their trip, including a housesitter. He says that terrible things can happen without someone to watch an empty house. Worried, the bananas consider not going after all. However, Rat convinces the Bananas to go by offering to take care of their house while they are away.

Rat moves into the Bananas house. He unpacks (by dumping the contents of his bag on the floor) and looks for food (by dumping the contents of the larder on the floor). Rat finds some food that he enjoys and declares that he is going to enjoy himself at the house. According to the narrator, he does.

One week later, Lulu drops by to drop some flowers off as the Bananas are coming back that day. Rat answers the door wearing a pair of B1's pyjamas. Lulu is surprised to see Rat wearing a pair of the Bananas' pyjamas and even more horrified to see the mess Rat has made. He protests, saying that he's been too busy to clean up but Lulu retorts that he's been busy sleeping and eating. She forces him to clean the house.

Supervised by Lulu, Rat manages to restore the house to the way it was before the Bananas left. He finishes just as the Bananas get back home. Lulu welcomes the Bananas home and the Bananas note how clean their house is. They thank Rat for helping with the house while they were away but Rat, exhausted by his efforts, has fallen asleep on the couch.


  • This episode reveals that there is a bus stop right outside Rat's shop. However, the bus stop is rarely, if ever, seen outside this episode.
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