Goldilocks Bananas is the thirteenth episode of Series 2 of Bananas in Pyjamas aired on 1992.


One morning, B2 comes to visit the Teddies looking very down. He says that B1 seems to be feeling very upset about something, and that for once, he wasn't thinking what B2 was thinking. When B2 suggested getting some of his favourite food, B1 had replied that he wasn't hungry. B2, Morgan, Lulu, and Amy decide to put on a play of Goldilocks and the Three Bears to cheer up B1.

Amy tells the story while playing Mama Bear, Lulu plays Papa Bear, Morgan plays Baby Bear, and B2 plays Goldilocks. B2 initially refuses to join the play out of sheer embarrassment. Then when B2 (Goldilocks), is ready for the play, he tries each bowl of porridge, but after he tastes the last one, he accidentally spills the porridge all the way to the chair, and B1 laughs. B2 is next supposed to sit on the chairs but there is porridge all over the chair.

By this stage, B1 declares he feels much better. the bananas and their friends pause for a moment to have munchy honey cakes for a snack. They decide to continue the rest of the play after their snack.

Munchy Honey Cakes in Goldilocks Bananas

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Goldilocks Bananas

Goldilocks Bananas

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