The Bananas have a problem that they have no idea how to solve. Lulu walks in and sees how preoccupied they are. She asks them why they don't look happier, as they should have been invited to their fancy dress party. The Bananas respond that they don't have any fancy dress to wear. Lulu assures them that the Teddies can help.

Lulu brings the Bananas to her house where Amy and Morgan are designing their costumes. They are very happy to help and ask the Bananas what they want to go as. B1 responds that he wants to be a pirate. B2 said he wanted to do that. Both bananas agree that they would look ridiculous if they were identical. Amy says that she is going as a queen, telling B2 that he can be a king, which he is happy about. Morgan agrees to make the king costume while Amy will work on the pirate costume with Lulu helping both of them.

Amy finds some used trousers, an old torn shirt and a rope. Meanwhile, Morgan finds a broken chair, a red tablecloth, some cardboard and a jar of beads and Christmas decorations. The bananas cannot imagine how those items will become costumes. Lulu gets the scissors and glue ready and the work begins. The bananas are initially reluctant to try on the costumes but finally relent.

When the party starts, Lulu is wearing her tutu and is dressed as a fairy. Morgan is dressed as a clown while the rest of them are wearing what they said they would earlier. They all enjoy the fancy dress party.
Bananas in Pyjamas Fancy Dress (1992)

Bananas in Pyjamas Fancy Dress (1992)

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