Bananas In Pyjamas- Chasing Tuesdays (1992)

Bananas In Pyjamas- Chasing Tuesdays (1992)

It's Tuesday . . . and the Bananas and Teddies all know what that means! It's Chasing Time! Tuesday is the day of the week where the Bananas chase the Teddies, round the park, up the stairs, down the stairs, round the table . . . anywhere where the Teddies are, the Bananas will chase them. But today is a different day, because Rat in a Hat comes to the rescue and makes a special calendar for the Teddies with no Tuesdays on it! But he quietly makes a calendar for the Bananas too, and on their's all the days are Tuesdays. Oh no, now it's really chasing time! Look out, Teddies!

Bananas chase Lulu in Rats Shop


(The teddies run into the bananas house to switch calendars)

Amy: Quick Lulu, before the bananas get here!

Narrator: Lulu switched the bananas calendar for the one with no Tuesdays in it.

Lulu : Now those bananas can't chase us anymore!

B1 & B2: Oh yes we can!

Bananas chasing Amy and Morgan in the park

Amy: Oh no you can't! It isn't Tuesday!

B2: We don't need that calendar anymore!

B1: We got a special calendar from the Rat-in-a-Hat!

Morgan: You got a calendar from the Rat-in-a-Hat!?

B2: We can chase teddies everyday!

B1: Because every day on our new calendar is...

Everyone: Tuesday!!!

(The Bananas approach the teddies, ready to catch them)

Narrator: Oh no, that Rat-in-a-Hat! I think one Tuesday each week is plenty, don't you?


The teddies plan backfires

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