Cafe Rat is a Bananas in Pyjamas episode that aired on September 17, 1992.
Bananas in Pyjamas Café Rat (1992)

Bananas in Pyjamas Café Rat (1992)


We see Morgan making his delicious mushroom soup for Amy and Lulu but they tell him that they are having dinner tonight at Cafe Rat Restaurant. Meanwhile at Cafe Rat Restaurant, Rat fixes the tables and chairs for the teddies while B1 and B2 prepare for dinner. Morgan, Lulu, and Amy then show up. Rat begins to play his violin, and The bananas and teddies are very hungry. But the Rat in A Hat didn't come back with mushroom soup or any other food, and the bananas had to go check on Rat. At Rat's shop, Rat cries while he's sitting down. When the bananas enter Rat's shop, Rat tells them to go away. Rat is very unhappy about the café and he forgot to make any food! But the bananas tell each other that it's fixing time, and it brought food for Rat such as mushroom soup, munchy honey cakes, and yellow jelly; but Rat prefers green jelly. But everyone still enjoys spending time in Cafe Rat Restaurant.

Mushroom Soup


  • This is the first episode where the outside of Rat's Shop becomes Cafe Rat Restaurant. The second one would be Waiter Bananas.
  • This is probably the first time Rat cries.
  • This is The First Episode When The Bananas And Morgan Meet Rat in A Hat
  • This is Also The First Episode Where We See The inside Of Rat's Shop
  • Rat in A Hat's Nose Blowing was Different Then The Lucky Day Episode In 1996, Because in Lucky Day, It Sounded Like a Goose, whereas In this Episode, It Didn't Make any Honkety Honks
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