Bananas In Pyjamas- Buried Treasure (1992)

Bananas In Pyjamas- Buried Treasure (1992)

Buried Treasures is the tenth episode of Series 1 of Bananas in Pyjamas aired on 31st July 1992.


The bananas are on the beach one morning when they find a box with a sailing ship on it. They believe that it is a pirate treasure and open it up only to find a map inside. Believing it to be a treasure map they start looking for the treasure. Following the map to a pile of sand, they start digging until they discover a seashell. Placing it in the chest, the Bananas decide they were looking at the map upside down and find another pile of sand to dig in. They find another seashell and place it in the chest again. They continue trying to interpret the map. However, despite searching in many piles of sand, they only manage to uncover seashells, which they place inside a chest.

The Bananas find 13 different looking seashells before giving up. Meanwhile, Amy arrives on the beach dressed like a pirate and asks the bananas if they had seen her pirate chest. The bananas realize that the map wasn't real. Meanwhile, Amy opens the box and sees the seashells in there and says that the chest is full of treasure as the shells are very beautiful. The bananas agree and decide to look for more shells.

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