The Bananas are packing as they are going on a camping trip with the Teddies the next morning. They decide to go to bed soon after as they have to wake up early the next morning. After setting their alarm for early the next morning, the Bananas turn out the light.

Unfortunately, the Bananas are too excited to sleep. They toss and turn, punch their pillows and finally decide to read a bit. After reading for a while, they turn out the light again. However, they still find themselves too excited to sleep. They decide to go and get a glass of milk, which also doesn't work. They finally decide to try counting sheep which finally helps the Bananas fall asleep.

Suddenly, they hear a knock at the door. The Teddies could not sleep either and decided to have a small party at the Bananas' place. After eating a lot of food (munchy honey cakes and yellow jelly), the Teddies go home and the Bananas start to go back upstairs. However, they are so sleepy that they fall asleep on the stairs. 
Bananas in Pyjamas Bed Time (1992)

Bananas in Pyjamas Bed Time (1992)

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