Bananas Birthday Wednesday is the twenty-fourth episode of Series 1 of Bananas in Pyjamas aired on 20th August 1992.


The Teddies are still working on their surprise party for the Bananas. Morgan has finally managed to make a cake shaped and coloured like a banana. Lulu is working on party hats. Morgan heads out to get some papers for "Pass the Parcel". With no one home, Lulu fills the party bags, which she doesn't want anyone to see, with a yellow chick, blue and yellow chocolate bars, yellow sweets, blue and white pencils and some painted shells from Monday.

The Bananas are cleaning up the beach when B1 mentions how much he enjoyed chasing Lulu the day before. They decide that they want to try chasing Teddies on Wednesday, too. They rush off to the Teddies' house, where Morgan is preparing the parcel and Lulu is working on a balloon sculpture of the bananas. Amy spots them and yells out to the others to hide their party things. However, there is too much to hide, and the Bananas are about to open the door.

Desperate, the Teddies all barricade the door. The bananas ask what happened and the teddies pretend their doors are jammed. The bananas leave and go home but are very puzzled with regards to the Teddies' behaviour. B1 suspects that the Teddies no longer want to see them. To fix this, the Bananas decide to throw a party on Friday and invite the Teddies.


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