Bananas in Pyjamas Bananas' Birthday Tuesday (1992)

Bananas in Pyjamas Bananas' Birthday Tuesday (1992)

Bananas Birthday Tuesday
is the twenty-third episode of Series 1 of Bananas in Pyjamas aired on 19th August 1992.


The Bananas are wrapping the presents they have gotten for each other on Friday. They try to peek to see what they bought each other but catch each other in the act. They decide to give each other their presents right away. However, they realise that it wouldn't be a surprise on their birthday, so they change their minds.

Meanwhile, Morgan is making a cake for the Bananas. Amy arrives and wants to help. She tries to pull something off the shelf on top of Morgan but ends up pulling it down on top of him. Dazed and covered in flour, Morgan sits on the ground. Lulu arrives and asks him to lie down, but he refuses. Suddenly, they hear the Bananas calling from outside.

Panicked, they hide any evidence of a surprise party and tell the Bananas that Morgan had an accident. The bananas have come to chase the Teddies since it is Tuesday. Lulu runs off to lure the Bananas out of their house and hides in the park.

Meanwhile, Amy and Morgan clean up the kitchen. She still wants to help Morgan, who doesn't want her to. She accidentally steps on the eggs on the floor, irritating Morgan. Morgan calls her clumsy and decides to get the flour off the shelf himself, but pulls it down on himself again. The episode ends with the narrator wondering if the Teddies will ever finish the cake.


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