Bananas in Pyjamas - B3

Bananas in Pyjamas - B3

B3 is an episode of Series 4 of Bananas in Pyjamas aired on 14th November 1996.


Lulu is tidying up her room one morning when she discovers an old pair of her pyjamas (which look exactly like the bananas' pyjamas except that the collar is blank). She wonders if they still fit and checks using her mirror. She notices that by wearing her pyjamas, she looks a bit like a Banana in Pyjamas.

When Amy comes in, Lulu asks her if she's ever wondered what it would be like to be a banana. Amy replies she is happy being a bear but Lulu notes that Bananas are good and fixing things and live near the beach. With this in mind, she finds on a pair of yellow gloves and a hat shaped like a banana's head. She also stitches on the name B3 onto the collar of her pyjamas. 

Lulu wears her gloves and hat and and pulls on her pyjamas and goes to the Bananas'. Once she arrives at the Bananas house, she introduces herself as B3 and asks to stay at their house for a while. The bananas accept her as a guest, which Lulu is delighted about. However, she soon discovers it it not so easy being a banana as she manages to knock B1 and B2 down the stairs the next morning. Right after this, the bananas declare it is fixing time, although Lulu was hoping to go to the beach.

Lulu also discovers she has no idea how to fix the ratmobile. Finally deciding she has had enough, she suggests going to visit the Teddies, which the Bananas agree to. She informs them that she will catch up with them later. Once she is alone, she takes of her pyjamas and the rest of her disguise and goes out to meet the Bananas as herself.

Lulu informs the Bananas that B3 had to leave but left them a letter saying that she was grateful for their hospitality. Lulu decides that as fun as it is being a banana, she prefers being one of the Teddies.


  • One of the items of clothing Lulu removes from her closet is Superman's outfit
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