One winter day, Amy and Morgan are flying a kite on the beach. Morgan suddenly sneezes and lets go of the kite. Amy chases after the kite. Meanwhile, Morgan keeps sneezing and has to sit down as he isn't feeling well. Amy gives Morgan her handkerchief to blow his nose. It makes a very loud noise, making the Bananas rush over thinking it was an alarm.

After explaining the situation to the Bananas, the Bananas decide to make a mixture to fight Morgan's cold. It has lemon juice, orange juice, cod liver oil, honey and garlic. B1 declares that the mixture smells good but B2 says that it tastes bad. Morgan drinks the mixture while the Bananas chase out the other two teddies, saying that they could catch his cold. For the rest of the day, everyone stays away from Morgan even when bringing him things.

The next morning, Morgan's cold is gone. He and Amy decide to go to the park to fly the kite. They run into the Bananas and explain that Morgan's cold is gone to the Bananas. Unfortunately, the Bananas start sneezing as they have caught Morgan's cold. They end up in bed while Amy and Morgan mix the same mixture for the Bananas to drink. After this, the Bananas are left to rest.

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